Make no mistake about it, SAFETY is the #1 priority at Architectural Fireplaces!

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If you’re a builder or contractor your most important responsibility is to understand that both framing and finishing have specific clearances to combustibles that must be adhered to.

It’s critical that combustible clearances are maintained from the fireplace itself and the venting.  This includes (but isn’t limited to) wood framing and insulation.

  • The framing dimensions noted in the install manual satisfy the clearance required for the fireplace itself (see the sample page on the right).

  • The clearance required for the venting is 1″ beside and below all venting, and 3″ above the venting when it runs horizontal.

The two photos to the right are from a fire that occurred when clearances were not met.  We can’t emphasize it enough how real the possibility of a fire is when clearances are not met.

  • All of our fireplaces have requirements on how close combustible material can come to the fireplace itself.  Take a look at the sample mantle clearance page to your right (found in your install manual).  The diagrams show exactly how close combustible finish material can come.  All fireplaces have them and it’s important to take a look at the page in your manual and ensure that your finish meets code.

  • The two photos are of the same fireplace.  One meets code and one doesn’t.  Can you spot the difference?  As a rule of thumb you need to do some sort of non-combustible stone or tile around your fireplace.  The diagrams on the mantle will tell you how much you need to do.


All safety information, including but not limited to clearances to combustibles can be found in your install manual.

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A safely installed fireplace will give you years of warmth and comfort at all the flip of a switch.  As a homeowner you just need to keep a few things in mind to keep your experience safe.

Do- Keep all combustible furniture and materials 3 feet away from the fireplace.

Don’t- Hang stockings directly above the fireplace during the holidays.

Do- Monitor children when the fireplace is in use or hot.

Don’t- Ignore the smell of gas of gas or anything else you believe to be a safety concern.

Do- Call our service department if you need service or routine maintenance.

Don’t- Skip your annual maintenance and safety appointment.

Do- Call our service department to enroll your fireplace in a scheduled maintenance plan.

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